You have an idea and we bring it to life.

It's very simple

We are futurists and provide holistic business, marketing and impact strategy that’s not only true for the vision of the company but also thought from a different place that’s not just about the bottom line or what everyone else is doing. 

Some of our clients want us to build the whole company whilst others look for specific projects to be executed or have strategic relationships built just for their platform.

It's a match

We believe in the big stuff, the big ideas, and that includes you.

We love working with lifestyle brands and companies who have purpose, projects that kick ass and people who care.

So far, we have had the pleasure of working with some of the most forward thinking CEO’s, start up’s, non - profits that inspire us, lifestyle experts and influencers, brilliant brands, and seasoned entrepreneurs.

Who we love

We specialize in the wellness, beauty, home, environment, and education space and some of our clients include:


Smithsonian Media

The Love Group


The Weekend Sabbatical


Center of Social Innovation

2020 or Bust

5 Gyres



“Joh is an incredible strategist. She sees synergies and connections where others would miss them. She is endlessly creative and moves projects forward"

Liz Josefburg – Celebrity Wellness Coach and Author of Target 100

“In 15 minutes Joh was able to see things in my business that I wasn’t able to see for years. As such, she identified a massive opportunity for growth. I am forever indebted to Joh’s strategic thinking capabilities, her creativity, attentiveness, and overall warmth. Joh is a force to be reckoned with and a warm hug all wrapped into one” 

Megan Smith Gill – Author of Give A Shift

It was clear the moment I met Joh that I was in the presence of someone with a giant commitment to the planet.  She backs up that commitment with tangible action that helps make a difference.  That’s why I asked her to work with me to develop an initiative at Smithsonian Media called Projects with Purpose, a primary proposition that articulates our audience’s commitment.   Joh’s strategic vision enables her to see the big picture and help companies see their true north.   She inspires with her passion and backs it all up with her actions”  

Amy Wilkins – CRO Smithsonian Media

“Joh is incredibly creative – in just our first working session, she was able to take a small idea that I had and bring it to life for my own business. People should be so lucky that they have the opportunity to not only work with her, but interact with her too”  Max Linkoff – Entrepreneur

Joh have been amazing, she has taught me skills that go beyond business. I am very much a “no nonsense” kind of person, and Joh has taught me how to soften my message to reach a greater audience. She has helped me rework marketing materials to have greater appeal, reorganize slides to captivate audiences, and craft follow-up messages that help engage new connections. I am seeing my business develop in ways I was only hoping for before I began working with Joh” 

Alessa Caridi- Founder Jobufit- Corporate Wellness

'She helped me build my dream business, The Love Group – a speaking agency whose incredible team of female speakers are impacting millions of young girls all over the country. It’s absolutely incredible how far I’ve come in 8 months working with her. I’ve done more in 8 months than most people do in a lifetime because she’s brilliant at guiding me on being the most effective. Working with her was the best thing that ever happened to me – she was a gift from the universe!” 

Kim Weiler- The Love Group and International Certified Holistic Coach and Author

Our Founder

Joh Morris Benichou

From an early age, no one has ever been able to tell me what to do. 

It has always been about discovery, tenacity and the pure willingness to fail at anything that has giving me the ability to go after anything and win.

Armed with a BA Hons Fine Art Degree and 20 years of working in marketing, business and entertainment it was time to start my own company.

Giving Ideas Life was launched in September 2016

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